Ball Valves

Ball valves, of valves

Ball Valves main characteristic is a sphere with supporting seats that create a perfect seal, where the sphere or ball is forced towards the seats due to the pressure excreted by the entering fluid, causing the sphere to completely seal the passage. Ball Valves are quickly operated and easily repaired.

    Válvulas de acero inoxidable

    Ball Valves
    4311T 13mm up to 51mm
    4311TR 10mm up to 51mm
    4211TR 13mm up to 51mm
    411T 13mm up to 51mm
    4211T 13mm up to 51mm
    444T 6mm up to 51mm
    444T-150 13mm up to 203mm
    444TR 6mm up to 51mm
    466T 6mm up to 51mm
    466TR 6mm up to 51mm
    466T150 13mm up to 152mm
    446T 6mm up to 51mm
    446T-150 13mm up to 152mm
    466SW 13mm up to 51mm
    444SW 6mm up to 51mm
    446TR 13mm up to 51mm
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